Bookkeeping and accounting software


Bookkeeping and accounting software

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While in the past all bookkeeping and accounting work was manual, right now, with the plethora of different software, the work is already automated. This is really a double-edged sword. While it has made accounting work easier, it has also made accountants dispensable.

While there are no accurate figures, we are pretty confident most business owners do accounting work themselves using accounting software. It’s cheaper and they don’t even need to sit down in front of a computer to do it as there is so-called Service as Software programs or SaaS programs that can be used using a smartphone. These are basically websites and that require a login and password.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are many of this software out there. Which one do you choose? Well, that really depends on your needs. Always operate on the assumption that the cheaper services only offer basic features while those that are on the higher end of the price scale offer power services that are meant for professionals.

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